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As a clinician, I provide culturally relevant, strength-based interventions while utilizing an eclectic approach. The clinical interventions that I provide are primarily by incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused therapy, through a trauma-informed lens.

As a life coach, I continue to provide culturally relevant coaching interventions, also from a strength-based perspective. I will help you identify goals, find solutions to issues impeding your personal or professional progress. For mental health clinicians, I can also help you identify your niche.

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

– Lena Horne

What we offer

I provide mental health therapy, coaching programs, clinical consultation,
and unique personal and professional development training.

My support can help you achieve the healing, professional growth, insight and entrepreneurial mobility that you desire so that you can keep doing what you were called to do - only better!

I also create exclusive programs that are designed to be relevant to both your personal and professional goals, so that you can actually focus on YOU this time!


Therapy for Black clinicians, coaches and other Black healers.  


Coaching to fit your needs, goals and make a positive impact on your life!

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I'm available for corporate and professional events.


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What Folks Are Sayin'...

"Ms. Tolan is a consummate professional in all that she does and provides high-quality educational, and training opportunities. I recently sought her services as a subject matter expert in the field of youth mental health and caregiver supports. She engaged in our agency’s contracting process with ease and grace, provided timelines for completion of work product, and was available for any questions that should arise. Ms. Tolan met all outcomes that had been set forth and provided all training attendees with a highly engaging presentation, complete with opportunities for fruitful discussion and feedback. She was a joy to work with!"

- Katrina Taylor, LCSW

"Ms. Tolan is an experienced clinician who understands that, very often, Black client concerns are centered on social issues that are beyond the reach of typical psychological solutions and traditional treatment protocol. Ms. Tolan holds a distinct sense of solidarity with her clients, as evidenced in having intimate knowledge regarding the unique complexities of her clients lives, unparalleled verbal and non-verbal professional communications used to create efficient therapeutic connections, and the cultural understanding necessary to ensure that her clients feel understood and validated throughout the therapeutic process. These are some of the reasons for which I have chosen Ms. Tolan to be my clinical consultant and career coach. Her professional insight and experience is unparalleled and has helped me reach a level of clinical knowledge and personal insights that will serve me for the rest of my career. ”

- Latisha Sampson, MSW

"I am the CEO of Focused Family Services. LaTanya has been a great support to me and my business. She has helped me to realize my potential by helping me to see what I could not. During sessions with her, I was able to dig deep and realize how events from my past have molded my present. She got me out of my comfort zone and gave me techniques to make better choices as well as to organize my life and finances. She has been a great partner in the progression of my business.”

- Kulinda Rollins, BA

"LaTanya has helped me get through some of the most troubling and devastating cases and circumstances. She has provided me with countless literary resources, information on specific evidence based practices and referrals that have helped me to improve in my delivery of service. I am certain that I am a better social worker and service provider because of her. I can always count on her to be in my corner, supportive, loving and brutally honest.”

- Catherine Collins, LCSW

"LaTanya Tolan has been a great influence in regards to my professionalism as a social worker and clinical knowledge. She is able to bridge the understanding of theories and interventions in order to address and meet the needs of people who are not as open to viewing therapy as culturally appropriate. As her MSW student, I appreciated Professor Tolan because I was able to see someone that not only looked like me, but someone who was also knowledgeable and open to processing the learning experience, so I too could improve my clinical competency. I recall wanting to do a presentation on PTSD as a mental health condition that impacted people of color from a community aspect. The focus was on racial profiling and how Black and Brown people were more susceptible to PTSD from a community perspective. Professor Tolan pushed us and supported our team in broadening our horizon towards an understanding that PTSD was not solely a disorder associated with combat. Professor Tolan’s openness allowed our team/group to grow and think outside the box; and that is one of the key components of social work. I am so thankful that she is a part of the foundation of my life commitment.”

- Ayana Shepherd, MSW