Whether you are well-known or not, your identity or any identifying information will never be shared. Confidentiality is a basic tenet in therapy. I value the trust and privacy of my clients greatly. If you would prefer specific restrictions that you feel would increase your anonymity, please call me so that we can create an individualized plan just for you!

As a Black clinician, I have a great awareness of both the blessings and the challenges that come with the Black experience, personally and professionally. I also understand that Black professionals who support others also have a very different experience than the rest of the population, since our lives intersect into two lanes – living as a Black person and being a Black professional healer caring for and supporting other Black people with their healing.

It is no secret that Black folks have inequitably, unique, sometimes life-altering and even soul-shattering experiences in America. To this point, it is my personal mission to empower, support, teach, care for, love on and heal the souls of Black people; and therefore ultimately improve trajectories of the Black family and the Black community. I am successfully accomplishing my mission by supporting Black clinicians and other Black healing professionals in dealing with the inequities that accompany not only being Black in America, but also being a Black professional healer in America. My specific dedication to working with Black clinicians and Black healing professionals supports my calling to heal, support, educate and help create more Black entrepreneurs, who will do the same.

Yes, I coach people both nationally and internationally and they are eligible to participate in all of my coaching programs. Click HERE for more info

Although I have done clinical supervision for ASWs in the past, that is not something that I am doing at this time. However, feel free to reach out to me and see if I have made my way back around to providing clinical supervision.

It is always best ethical practice for there never to be any duality in therapeutic relationships. It is best to keep boundaries clear. If you have been my therapy client and now require coaching (or vice versa), you will have to find another coach or therapist (whichever applies to the situation).

Yes indeed you can! In fact, I would love to work with you! One of my favorite things to do is coach and mentor aspiring and new clinicians.

Unfortunately not, as I am currently only licensed in California. Therefore, I am only permitted to provide therapy services to California residents.

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